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KW V3 Leveling

Invisible – BUT YOU FEEL IT!

The KW Leveling suspensions are ideal for drivers who are not looking for maximum lowering, but seeking the driving dynamics and comfort of a KW Coilover suspension in combination with the almost original manufacturer’s series floor clearance.

The KW Leveling suspensions focus on the combination of increased driving dynamics and comfort in connection with a minimum lowering or, if desired, raising of the suspension. The KW Leveling suspensions are the ideal retrofit suspensions for frequent drivers on poorly developed roads or drivers that use their car mainly in metropolises and urban areas than have numerous speed bumps. The progressive suspension springs are designed to give their spring rate a plus in driving comfort. Accordingly, the KW Leveling suspensions have an adjustable, comfort-oriented basic damper tuning.


Setup - factory pre-configured damping setup with separately adjustable compression and rebound

The KW Leveling suspension “inox-line” is the ideal retrofit option for drivers who are looking for everyday practicality, increased rolling comfort, and sportiness. The separately adjustable dampers in compression and rebound with their “TVR-A” and “TVC-A” technology allow extensive damper tuning. This makes it easy to additionally influence the steering behavior, directional stability, tire grip, and handling characteristics significantly for safe control at the limit and increased driving comfort.

Rebound damping

Compression damo

Rebound damping on the rear axle

TVR-A rebound damping:

The two-stage patented “TVR-A” technology enables the low volume flows to flow through an adjustable conical low-speed bypass at slow damper speeds and, at higher piston speeds, the main rebound valve opens for the large volume flows. This results in a significant increase in driving comfort without affecting the high speed in the safety-relevant area. 16 exact clicks are available for the individual setting, so that a decision can be made between more comfort or more body control.

TVC-A compression damping:
With 12 precise clicks, the adjustable compression valve (“TVC-A” technology) can reduce or increase the cross-section in the low-speed valve to achieve more or less compression damping. At the same time, the spring-preloaded needle valve opens its maximum valve cross-section together with the spring-preloaded main valve at sudden high piston speeds, to prevent unwanted progressive increases in force in the high-speed range with its blow-off characteristic. This makes it possible to provide better support for the vehicle body and at the same time offer more comfort at high wheel accelerations than with conventional valve technology. The damping adjustment of the compression stage is always supplied in conjunction with a separate rebound adjustment, as only an independent 2-way damper adjustment allows real performance optimization.

Discreet lowering and raising, continously adjustable

The KW Leveling suspensions are equipped with shock absorbers and damper housings, which correspond in their length approximately to the original sports suspensions of the respective car manufacturer. On request, KW Leveling suspensions can also be adjusted to a discreet lowering (- 10 millimeters) or raising (+ 10 millimeters) via a polyamide spring retainer. The trapezoidal thread allows an adjustment range of up to 20 millimeters.

The benchmark for coilovers

As with all KW Coilover kits, KW engineers develop the vehicle-specific KW damper tuning, through extensive test cycles on the Nürburgring Nordschleife and our test center on the KW 7-post vehicle dynamics test bench, which is appreciated by car enthusiasts worldwide. With a KW Coilover suspension, you will experience your car more directly and dynamically. This also applies to the new KW Leveling suspensions.

Vehicle-specific basic damper tuning

Assembly of the rebound valve

KW height adjustable spring sets

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