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KW V2 Coilovers

Sportiness, more body control with more ride comfort and outstanding looks.

With adjustable rebound stage damping.

The KW V2 coilover kit is the suspension kit for the accomplished sports driver who wants a customized vehicle lowering with the ability to make adjustments in setup. The individually adjustable rebound stage damping ensures a better connection on fast road sections and an easier vehicle control. The driving comfort on poor road surfaces can significantly be influenced with a customized rebound stage damping.

Setup – factory-set pre-configured damper setup with adjustable rebound damping

With the KW V2 coilovers, you as an accomplished sports driver can take influence on the handling and comfort with the rebound damping (“TVR-A”-technology) that is adjustable in 16 clicks. This allows you to set the KW dampers tighter or more comfortable, without affecting the bottom valve of the compression stage.

Rebound damping on the front axle

Rebound damping on the rear axle

TVR-A rebound damping::
The two-stage patented “TVR-A” technology enables the low volume flows to flow through an adjustable conical low-speed bypass at slow damper speeds and to open the main rebound valve for the large volume flows at higher piston speeds. This results in a significant increase in driving comfort without affecting the high speed in the safety-relevant area. 16 exact clicks are available for the individual setting, so that a decision can be made between more comfort or more body control.

Continuously lowering

The KW V2 coilover kit allows a maximum or individual lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuous lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after the years.

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