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KW V1 Coilovers

Sportiness and outstanding look.

With factory-set damping

The KW V1 coilover kit is the ideal entry-level system for customers who want the technically lowest possible suspensions setting or for those who want to customize their own. In extensive road tests, our experienced engineers developed a target group – specific setup by establishing an optimum balance of sportiness, comfort and safety and then implementing this in the series.

Setup - factory-set pre-configured damping setup

The KW V1 has a vehicle-specific, fix configured damping setup and with a sporty and harmonious adjustment, which allows you to experience an optimal balance of sportiness and everyday practicality. Even with full payload and maximum axle loads, the dampers always work with a sporty characteristic.

Continuously lowering

The KW V1 coilover kit allows a maximum or individual lowering within the tested adjustment range. Due to the dirt-resistant tapezoidal thread and the polyamide threaded ring, the continuous lowering can be varied quickly and easily, even after years.

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