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The perfect suspension for every demand!

KW Suspensions offers springs, dampers, suspensions, height adjustable coilover kits, as well as anti-sway bars and other suspension components.

Product Overview

The perfect suspension for every demand!

KW Coilovers Overview

All over the world, sporty drivers, tuners and refiners trust the KW coilover kits with their different damping variants.

Street Comfort

Coilover Kits

In our product category "Street Comfort" you will find all products of the brand KW suspensions, which enable an increased level of usability and driving comfort.

KW HLS - Hydraulic Lift System

With our KW HLS you can lift your sports car or your lowered vehicle in order to safely overcome obstacles such as bumps, garage and underground car park entrances. Depending on the version of the installed lift system, your vehicle will be raised on the front axle or on both axles.

Street Performance

Coilover Kits

Under the product group Street Performance, you will find all KW coilover suspension kits for a maximum lowering for road vehicles. Depending on the KW coilover suspension kit, you can adjust the compression and rebound forces individually to your personal driving requirements in a more comfortable or sportier way.

KW DDC - Dynamic Damping Control

Sportiness or more driving comfort at the push of a button combined with an outstanding (vehicle) look thanks to the KW DDC coilover kit with electronic damper control.

Track Performance

Coilover Kits

You take part with your street legal sports car mainly in track days on racetracks or you start with your racecar at different motorsport events? In the "Track Performance" product category you will find the ideal suspension technology for your track days with your road-legal vehicle and also full adjustable racing shocks for professional motorsport.


From the The KW coilover suspension kit,
to KW 7-post driving dynamics tests

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