Simply more M – the ap coilover suspension for the BMW 4 Series (F32 and F33)

BMW 428i (F32) mit ap Gewindefahrwerk

Simply more M - the ap coilover suspension for the BMW 4 Series (F32 and F33)

Maximum stance combined with 20-inch wheels: ap coilover suspension for the BMW 4-series

There is no way around a BMW 4-series coupé for Michael G. from Kitzingen. In his eyes, a 428i is simply a dream. He bought his coupé as an almost-four-year-old pre-owned car and was impressed. At some point, however, the Franconian got fed up with the sporty standard look of his 428i and it slowly got going. Michael was supported by his friends and his father and the tuning method was simply chassis, rims, BMW-M accessories and that was it.

After consulting his friends, the choice of a coilover suspension from ap Sportfahrwerke was made. At the front axle, the coilover suspension provides a lowering of up to 65 mm. At the drive axle, it lowers by a maximum drop of 60 mm. At our photo shoot, Michael's 428i was still on the road with the standard performance, but the Frankonian still has big plans for the turbo four-cylinder under the bonnet. For today, the BMW already showed itself with a front lip made of light carbon fiber, and the 428i was trimmed to 435i look at certain points. The Gurney Flap on the boot lid is also made of carbon. The one or other accessory from BMW M Performance followed and the 4-series is already perfect for everyday life.

Simply more M - ap coilover suspension in the BMW 4-series

All our lowering specifications are always checked and meet the road-legal requirements; after all, we sell the ap coilovers always with an approved parts certificate. If you don't want to drive your 4-series coupé so low, you can choose a lowering of only 40 mm on the front axle and 30 mm on the rear axle.

Beautiful performance stance  with an ap coilover suspension on a 4 series BMW

Not only does the lowering make the WheelForce CF1.FF mounted by Michael in 9 x 20 inch ET35 and 10 x 20 inch ET40 look better, but also the road holding becomes more sporty with our ap coilover suspension. The BMW handles the steering much more directly and is eager for sporty curves.

All ap coilovers have a part certificate

If you are also looking for an ap coilover suspension for your BMW 4-series, simply open our online shop and configure your coupés or convertibles there. No worries, should you even drive with a BMW with xDrive (four-wheel drive), you are on the safe side with us and you will also get a coilover suspension manufactured in Germany including a parts certificate. Why drive something different when there are ap sport suspensions available.

ap coilover suspension for the BMW 4 Series Coupé (F32) and BMW 4 Series Convertible

ap coilovers offer you the freedom of a sporty lowering for a cool stance. In your BMW 4-series Coupé (F32) and Convertible (F33), this means up to 65 mm lowering in the approved range.

ap coilover suspension in detail
There is nothing standing in the way of unlimited driving pleasure and excellent driving experience because the ap coilovers are specially designed for every vehicle. The ap coilover suspension is available for all BMW 4-series (F32, F33) with or without all-wheel drive (xDrive).

ap lowering springs for the BMW 4 Series Coupé (F32) and Cabriolet (F33)

With our ap lowering springs, you can give your BMW 4 Series a sporty, discreet lowering and continue to use your electronically adjustable dampers!

ap lowering springs in detail
In the case of installing only ap lowering springs, you can lower your 4-series of up to 30 mm are possible. This is a cost-effective lowering variant.

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