Maxtrac SuspensionMAXTRAC Coilover suspension can now be bought through
MAXTRAC coilovers enables the driver to obtain the optimal shock absorber characteristics for any road and weather situation. A bumpy road demands a different road holdings profile than a smooth highway.

Designed for a sportive ride and made of the best materials. The MAXTRAC coilover offers a high sportive driving behaviour with extremely good handling. You can easily adjust the height of the car using the adjustment ring mounted on the coilover. Depending on the car kit, it’s possible to lower your car between 15 and 80mm. IF you want that slammed ride effect then the MAXTRAC coilovers are definitely a good option to have.

Maxtrac Coilovers

are an adjustable spring (or coil) mounted over the dampener. Using a threaded collar – you can adjust the springs up or down on the strut. Raising or lowering the car between 20 and 60 mm various.

At the rear, the vehicle is equipped with a precisely balanced combination between sport dampers and sport springs.
Improve chassis balance, ride height, braking, body roll, and performance
The Maxtrac stainless steel coilover suspension is a complete individual coilover suspension that enables customers to adjust vehicle height at the front and rear according to their wishes and needs.

Within the TÜV-tested adjustment parameters, this can be easily achieved using the black-phosphated spring collars by adjusting the position of the metallic black epoxy-coated springs upwards or downwards via a specially designed exterior thread.

Maxtrac coiloversIn doing so, the vehicle height can be precisely adjusted, and customers receive exactly the result they want and/or need.
The complete systems including high-quality metallic black springs, light alloy components and Elastomer bump stops with integrated dust protection system, provide a unique comprehensive solution for a personalized vehicle suspension system that meets all performance and quality demands.

MAXTRAC doesn’t only offer coilover suspension. They have a wide range of suspension solutions available in South Africa for most common vehicle brands.
The MAXTRAC sports kits leave nothing to be desired, from sport / lowering springs over sport / Suspension Systems, to the MAXTRAC Chrome Line Coilovers, their customers find a large selection available.

Top quality at fair prices, all MAXTRAC products are their own development and are subject to continuous quality control.

MAXTRAC Coilovers use oil – gas-filled shock absorbers for our suspension systems, which are constantly further developed by our engineers.

Maxtrac Mk1 coilovers

Maxtrac coilovers are the coilover choice for most south africans looking to buy coilovers. Maxtrac coilovers are affordable and this is why the Maxtrac coilovers sell as well as they do in South Africa.

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