Coilovers have become a very important part of the Car Culture in South Africa. understands each person has their own preferred taste when it comes to modifying their cars. In saying that we work hand in hand with our suppliers and clients to get them the best product for their cars. We supply the market place with all types of suspension componensts; Coilovers, Air Suspension, Suspension drop kits, replacement OEM Springs and Polyurethane Bushes.

About Coilovers

Adjusting the ride height of your car using coilovers supplied by us is easily done via an adjustable platform mounted on the body of the shock absorber. Height adjustment can easily be adjusted ‘on car’ by simply jacking the car up, taking the weight off the suspension strut then winding the collar up to higher the vehicle, or down to lower the vehicle. Measuring each corner with a tape measure ensures you have the same ride height front to back. There are infinite levels of adjustment, so creating the perfect stance is easy. The damping level has been increased by approximately 25-30% which reduces body-roll but has been kept to a satisfactory level so as not to spoil the ride quality of the car. The ride will be firmer but not too hard.

We source Coilovers and suspension parts from all around the world for our clients, so there is no product too big or too small for us to supply you with.

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